Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Below is a link to a small slide show from my trip to Utah with an accompaniment of native music. The Navajo reservation in Monument Valley was an amazing natural space. The kids look like children everywhere until you hear their stories. I was lucky enough to have many open up to me about the alcoholism, split families—a lot of grandmothers are raising them, no electricity or running water for some, and very little support for going forward with their education. But they did not tell me in a complaining manner—it was just matter of fact.
The grandeur of this area is contrasted with the lack of so much for this tribe. I hope to return next year to assist again in any way I can. Here is just a taste of my visit. Again, to those who brought clothing and/or checks or just had a kind word for this project, thanks so much and trust me, all your efforts were very much appreciated!

please click on the link to view my slideshow: